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Mar 20 2008

What Exactly are Business Opportunity Leads, Anyway?

After starting in a home based business because you want to find how to generate some long term residual income you’ll find that you’ll soon run out of people it you know in order to introduce you your business opportunity to. We’ll just use the Ameriplan business opportunity for example. You’re going to need leads for prospects to introduce to your business opportunity, however, what you’ll soon find out if you haven’t already is that the business opportunity lead industry on the Internet is not very efficient. Two scenarios you will run into are:

1. The business opportunity leads that you purchase from online lead generation sources are for the most part made up from people that have absolutely no interest in learning how to make some money from home. The leads most likely came from a web form on the Internet that entice them to give up their information such as e-mail and phone number in order to receive something of interest whether it’s a gift, such as an iPod, or gift card. You run into e-mail that can be delivered and disconnected phone numbers.

2. The next thing you’ll probably find if you’ve figured it out yet is that leads are really a “Tag-Your-It”. What I mean by that is you’ll see a web page on the Internet that says I can give you free leads for business opportunity so you sign up for the leads and find out your e-mail starts getting flooded with business opportunities. See this is what happened, you were looking for business opportunity leads and a website that you sign up for gives your e-mail address to other people looking for leads for their business opportunity, you will get business opportunity leads from them, but they will be just like you people trying to promote their own business and got duped just like you.

In order to stop the insanity must figure out how to get actual, interested leads here’s one way I’ll explain in this example, you go to google and search for Ameriplan leads, Goji leads, or Xooma leads, or any company that you’re representing it really doesn’t matter what company you want the leads for. In the results you come across a website that says their selling quality leads for anywhere from 3 to 10 dollars apiece, fact is the leads are never what you expect and you will always spend more money on the leads than you get back.

So you need to figure out whether you want to learn to generate your own business opportunity leads or find a good business where a group uses its members effectively. Now there’s nothing wrong with generating your own leads for business opportunity, but what if there was a company that concentrated on getting customers primarily, instead of leads.

What if I could show you how to work a business, a top level business, and NEVER have to buy leads again? You NEVER have to make phone calls. You NEVER have to pick that phone up to listen to some super-networker tell you that in just 30-60-90 days, you are not going to believe how much money you are making.

Curious? I figured that you would be. This revolutionary way of building a business is called, Good BusinessTo get all the details, simply fill out our contact form, come to our live state of the art web conferencing sessions held on Saturday, and learn more. You will NOT be sold anything here, you will only receive information.

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Next Item: Don’t Fall for the Typical Business Opportunity Lead BS
Previous item: How to Generate Leads for MLM or Any Business Opportunity
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