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Apr 10 2008

Business Opportunity Leads|Submitting Your Opportunity Web Site!

You are ready to do SEO (search engine optimization) so that you can start acquiring business opportunity leads to your niche web site. You have got a web site, a company to host it, and you’ve gone through the patient practice of selecting and choosing a domain name. The domain name is based on the keyword phrases you hope to pursue using search engine optimization to get your web site to the top page of the search engines.

One thing many people either aren’t aware of, don’t know how to do, or basically forget all about doing on their way to obtaining business opportunity leads is…submitting your web site address to Google or at least one of the other search engines. When I started learning about using the internet for marketing, I absolutely had no clue about this. I actually wasted months before I found out I needed to do this. I don’t know if it’s true but I’ve heard from others that this is must if you ever want to get your site indexed. I don’t know if that’s true but why take a chance?

Submitting your web site to Google ensures that your web sites address is indexed the next time they “crawl” the web. There is a possibility you could get picked up naturally when Google is doing its thing but like I said earlier, I wouldn’t take the chance. Even when you submit your site, it could take a month or two before they even get there. It is definitely important you do this as soon as you can. I’m talking about Google but it sure doesn’t hurt to do the same thing at Yahoo or MSN. It doesn’t matter who scrawls the site first, other search engines will quickly pick it up then.

To submit your website through Google, go to

On the bottom of this page look for “About Google” and click on it.

Go to the column that says “For Site Owners” and click on the link that says “Submit Your Content To Google”

On this next page, Click on “Add your URL to Google’s index”. While you’re here, go ahead and save this page into your “favorites” on your browser. This isn’t on the same topic but when you get a chance, sign up and check out “Google Webmasters Tools”. I won’t get into that now but it’s something you’ll want to sign up into at a later time. Both of the pages you were just on have a lot of good information on them.

Just go ahead now and follow the instructions and Good Luck!

Don’t miss doing this or it might be awhile before you start generating business opportunity leads!

A good place to be and learn is at

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