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May 01 2008

Getting Business Opportunity Leads Using SEO?…..Just What Is It!

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. This is the best and cheapest way to try and drive traffic to your web site to obtain business opportunity leads. It is a process of getting your very own selected keyword phrases to the top of the search engines. When you are able to get your site to the first page of a search engine, you will get traffic on your web site as people are searching the internet using the specific keywords you are using. SEO gets the traffic to your site. Once traffic is there,  it becomes the job of your web site to convert these business opportunity leads into sales or at least sign them up into your list.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a complex set of rules or algorithms that give each web site a “weight”. This “weight” is actually what the individual search engine uses to determine the attractiveness of a particular web site for the keyword phrase that you are using. No matter what you read about SEO, nobody really knows exactly how it works – and that is why it works! There might be hundreds of various factors the search engines are looking at and from what I understand….those algorithms are changing all of the time.

The word “optimization” is used because that is what you are actually doing to get those business opportunity leads! You must select keyword phrases as well as a myriad of them and optimize your web site with them. Anything you do on the internet must be “optimized” with those keyword phrases with links pointing back to your web site. You do many things with content that “includes” those myriad of keyword phrases such as articles, press releases, blogs, etc..  You have competition for most worthwhile keyword phrases so…

“Whoever does SEO the best…makes their web site more attractive than the rest!”

Another thing about SEO if you want those business opportunity leads….Linking!

Linking is the other portion of SEO that is very important. You want to obtain as many links from and to your web site as you can. It is not very difficult to create links “from” your site. Getting links (called backlinks) “To” your site is another matter. Others will have to like what you have enough to point a link back to it. Because of this, backlinks are more difficult to obtain and the search engines usually reward the site that has many backlinks. What is the best way to get backlinks? Design a web site that people will want to visit over and over again!

As stated earlier, much of SEO is a secret. It really needs to be that way to give the internet order and
prevent unethical people from taking advantage. I will say that there “are” those who consistently for quite some time work with SEO and they can tell you some things to try to help in search engine optimization. That is like anything else, you do something long enough and you “Can” make yourself an expert at whatever you apply yourself with…or as is the case with SEO, as much of an expert as is possible. You work with it every day and you “Can” see things that work or not – maybe notice trends!

Good luck! Hope you gets lots and lots of business opportunity leads!

A good place to be and learn is at

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Next Item: You Are A Lead For Someone’s Business Opportunity…They Are Pitching…Should You Opt In?
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