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May 14 2008

Business Opportunity Leads…What Is The Secret To Keeping Your Business Thriving?

Let’s face it! For some years in a row now, it is getting harder and harder to pay those bills. The economy has been taking a nose dive and it did “not” just start a few months ago. The way gas prices are rising, most people are eating up 1-2 hours pay of their 8 hour day just paying for the fuel it took for them to get to work!

This year, more than at any time, people are looking at home based business opportunities using the internet to supplement or even “replace” their incomes. If you already have a home based business, now is the time to get serious about it. What about those just now signing up into something? How can you get or keep your business thriving?

Get serious as well! That is what everyone needs to do. The biggest problem in being part of a home business is generating business opportunity leads! The second problem is taking that business opportunity lead and turning them into a customer or a signup! Everything you do in a business whether it is a retail store, home internet business, or supplying a service – centers around the fact that you need customers. Most home based businesses on the internet are designed to exponentially increase your earnings by building “legs” underneath you using some form of a matrix. In “theory”, this sounds good. You can build your downlines and create earnings at all levels. This works if the people under you are replicating your efforts and are growing in knowledge every day. In “reality” though, this hardly ever works because people for whatever reason – Will not Do Anything!!!!!

You can get people to sign up under you and become an affiliate if you know what you are doing. Most people want somebody else to make that effort for them and reap the rewards. This sometimes happens but for the most part, if you have a downline full of people who don’t know, do not have time, or just do not put forth the effort….you will make some money but soon see your business crumble apart. This will only get worse as I mentioned earlier…the economy is taking a nose dive and more people are going to be looking at the internet to enhance their incomes. These are people who know nothing about marketing or building a business!

In order for your business opportunity to work, it is necessary to spend a good portion of your time in mentoring or training those affiliated with you! Then teaching these people to do the same. An analogy would be this: You are a retail business owner of maybe a gasoline/foodmart type store. You need five employees to run the registers, rotate stock, keeping things clean..whatever. What if those employees never get past “making coffee” and running a register? This goes on for two years! I am not going to expand on this – I’ll let you think about it. You can just guess what that owner is going through. A part of this analogy is that having well trained good people under you is necessary.

So…the secret to keeping your business thriving and alive? Mentoring and Duplication! Teach your affiliates everything you know – and that includes duplicating your effort with the people “they” sign up!

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