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Jul 07 2008

Business Opportunity Leads…Magically Be Successful in Your Home Business Through a Universal Law?

Most everyone (if not all) who get involved with a home based internet business opportunity struggle and fail! Even the best at doing it failed multiple times along the way. The reason they eventually succeeded is because they persevered. For whatever reason, they stuck with it! They believed that if they kept trying, they would succeed!! They knew they would succeed!!

I would like to show you a way…something you can do…on a daily basis that will force you to succeed. To some, this might sound a bit hokey but it works. I have applied it in my life and it absolutely makes a difference! Does it happen over night? No! It does take some work but if you apply it, you will see what I mean.

You might have heard of it on the internet or on Oprah or some other television show…

It is the Law Of Attraction in which thoughts are energy! What you think is what you are! I am sure you have heard the old adage that “What you eat is what you are. Same thing!

What you think about becomes your reality!

How do I know? I have applied it many times. Let me tell you where I am coming from and where I had experienced it first hand.

To make the story short, In 2003, I was in a situation in which I underwent surgery and was told I might not make it. All details excluded, I had clinically passed away several times but was able to hang in there. I had several surgeries before but to save me, I had to build up some strength to take on one last one. The odds were that I would not make it. The surgeons at the hospital gave me a CD and headphones with positive affirmations on it. They had me listen to it before and “during” the surgery. My six hour surgery took them only three hours and I miraculously got through it. This was at the Cleveland Clinic in obviously Cleveland, Ohio…one of the most prestigious hospitals in the world!

Obviously, I was pretty curious about the affirmations and I ran with it! I have studied this thoroughly and tested it out numerous times.

Getting back to the theme of this article, if you want your business to grow…”you” need to grow! You can not “think” you will not succeed. You must “know” you will succeed! Everything that occurs in your life is a direct reflection of what you think!

Here is what you do and this would apply to all areas of your life. It is simple!

For ten minutes a day in the morning, write down in a notepad whatever your heart desires but it has to be reasonable or your subconscious mind will not believe it. Writing makes your mind “think”. Write down positive affirmations such as “I now am successful! Everything has to be written in the “now”, not future. If you write “I am going to have lots of money! Well, that does not mean you have lots of money now. If means “going to” which if you say that every day…you will always be “going to”.

Never use negative words such as not, never, maybe…or whatever. You get the gist! There are many free ebooks on the internet which show you how to create your affirmations. Phrasing them wrong could be disastrous.

Either write this again at night or read from your list. Read from your list several times a day!

You are training your subconscious mind to be positive! If you have any rejection going on within yourself, you are sure to struggle. Start with something simple first. When you see something happen first hand because of the affirmations, you will gain much in confidence!

One of the things I thought about is something unique on the internet nobody else really does. Something that can help other people as well as me and generate many many many business opportunity leads for myself and others. I had several things open up to me and I am running with them. I know the two paths I am taking will be successful!!

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