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Jun 11 2009

Business Opportunity Leads – Why Do Search Engines Like Blogs?

Business Opportunity Leads – Why Do Search Engines Like Blogs?
By Jim Eberle

If you have a home based business and are using the internet, hopefully you are using SEO (search engine optimization). There are a number of ways to get traffic but this is by far one of the best approaches in driving the highest quality of business opportunity leads to your web site.

It is pretty much understood if you are implementing SEO, it helps to have a blog. Everyone agrees that search engines like Google love blogs.

What is it about blogs (short for web logs) that search engines like?

There really isn’t anything different about them that separates them from other forms of content. The one thing that blogs allow, is for the web master who has a blog can create content easily and almost effortlessly. That is compared to a standard HTML page. If you are new and reading this, any page of a basic web site.

You do not have to play around with coding to make changes to your content. Anybody can use it which is why millions of new blogs show up every year.

These days, you can install software called WordPress which is basically a blog publishing tool written in PHP which is backed by a Mysql database. That is not important to know. It is important to know that you can install WordPress and have a ready built web site that you can manipulate in hours or minutes.

And what does this mean for SEO?

You can change or add new content easily!

This is why search engines like Google love blogs. Search engines like and need content. Not just any type of content but unique original content that changes consistently all of the time. Blogs allow for this even for those who do not have a clue in how to code which includes most people.

The other aspect of blogs is that the constantly changing content for each specific blog is usually relevant within that blogs niche. Google likes that and will reward those sites with high search ranking positions..if the web site is optimized correctly for the search engines.

Every day, people are creating plugins or widgets that you can install into a WordPress theme within minutes which again eliminates the need for any advanced knowledge in designing a web site.

In summary, search engines like unique original content which is constantly changing and has relevance to the topic on hand!

If you have not noticed, there are new businesses sprouting up all of the time which are based on using the internet. With the existing poor economy around the world, more and more people are looking to supplement or replace their income.

If you are starting a home based business using the internet or already have done so, you should be looking at having a blog set up. They make it easy to employ changes to your content and they can be optimized for SEO easily through the use of plugins. There is no better way to garnish highly targeted business opportunity leads and bring them to your web site.

These are people searching for what you have to offer!

Jim Eberle is currently working with a diverse team of like minded individuals in a co-op type atmosphere using search engine optimization to build our business opportunity. This growing team currently consists of people from Ireland, Australia, England, Canada, and the United States. This team of network marketers are combining our efforts to obtain high positions in search engines like Google for higher level type keyword phrases.

Where as many people usually fail when trying to build a home based business to supplement their incomes, we work together to ensure everyone has success. Anyone who becomes affiliated with us becomes successful as that is how “we” as a group become successful!

The goal here of course is for many people doing a little instead of several people doing alot to ensure that success. All traffic and customers are derived from SEO. We do not call anyone unless they request it.

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