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Mar 26 2008

Don’t Fall for the Typical Business Opportunity Lead BS

There is so much BS and confusion on the internet about Leads it is no wonder the industy has such a high failure rate. I just did an analysis of one such Business Opportunity Lead Supplier, they say they are sell Ameriplan Leads. I guess if you believe they are real, with no verifiable testomonials, buy a couple of thousand and give it a whirl. Of course the time sensitive offer of the leads will make you pull out your credit card without thinking about it.

I will wait to hear from someone that is having any success with any of these lead jockys,  I never have. It doesn’t matter what type or how expensive the leads are they never pull like they are supposed to.

There is a better way than trying to build a business with purchasing leads and that is to purchase customers.

Check out A Good Business

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