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May 31 2008

Business Opportunity Leads…Should you Buy Leads For Your Business Opportunity?

What I am going to say about generating business opportunity leads is going to upset some people but…it has to be said!

You have paid out hard earned cash to get into a good business opportunity…and you have applied yourself by giving up countless hours of time learning about marketing, designing your website(s), proper sequential mailsets, hosting your account(s), setting up blogs, etc. etc. The list goes on and on! Or, maybe you are with an affiliate program and you really can not change the web site you are given. Much of the work is done for you by the parent company. There is still a huge learning curve involved with just knowing the product(s) and payplan. There is a huge learning curve in just knowing how to talk to your lead prospects!

Why Would You Ever Consider Purchasing Leads From Some Company Advertising On The Internet???

While I know that there might be good lead generating companies out there that “can” get specific leads for your niche, it is “really” “really” hard to believe someone is going to give me 50,000 or 100,000 “high quality specific for my niche” leads for around fifty bucks! I have even gotten emails from particular entities stating that they have a surplus of leads and I can acquire one “million” of them for around seven dollars!

Think about this, if someone is going to give me 50,000 leads for fifty to a hundred dollars, how many times would they have to do this for others just to make one thousand dollars for that week? Instead of you doing the math, I’ll tell you – at fifty dollars a crack, they are generating one million leads for one thousand dollars. They are not making much money – are they? Greatly enhance the numbers and it is still not believable. Realistically, businesses selling leads would have to sell “millions” of leads EACH WEEK to make me believe they are making money. There is the possibility they have other revenue generating streams of income but…

Bottom line is, if they are doing this to make money, numbers do not add up!

My guess here is that there are many scam companies out there selling and reselling peoples names over and over again….redistributing lists like they are candy. These parasites have got their grubby little hands all over the internet trying to suck up peoples names and IP addresses just to make a few bucks. Just like everything else in the world, these frauds are making it hard for legitimate lead generation companies that have your best interests in mind to exist!

There are good solid techniques for generating specific business opportunity leads but what I want to throw out to you is this:

If you or I….were to believe….all of these different companies and the amount of leads they say they could get for you, I believe these leads would have numbers “greater” than the amount of people “who are even using the internet” within one year! That is if you put all of these entities together. If it is too good to be true…it probably is!

I believe totally in just using SEO (search engine optimization) to generate business opportunity leads. If you feel though that you “just have” to purchase leads, I would be very careful in who you deal with. I definitely would do extensive research about that company before hiring them!

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