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Jun 28 2008

Business Opportunity Leads…Internet Statistics Are All Wrong When it Comes to Marketing!

Originally, when I first began learning about network marketing, I found it can be overwhelming! The more I learned though, it became obvious to me that to obtain business opportunity leads…SEO is the way to go! SEO by the way is short for “search engine optimization”. Over time, I kept hearing and reading that 95% to 97% of all internet marketers fail. After doing SEO for some time now, I believe those numbers are worse than that!

There are several things you can look at or observe over time but I believe that in reality…”there is much less than 1% of everyone out there doing the internet thing that are making money”!!

Why would I say that?

There are several things through observation over time that leads me to say that. First of all, it is fairly apparent that if you are doing SEO on a daily basis, you will experience this first hand! I am not talking about killing yourself here. If you put out content for whatever keyword phrase you are going for on an almost daily basis. I believe you can get within the first 100 pages in Google for your search term.

You might be thinking “big deal” but look at it this way. Let us say you are going for a search term that Google shows as having over 45 million sites. If you are in the top 100 pages, at ten listings per page, you are in the top 1000! Think about this again. Over 45 MILLION web site listings…you are in the top 1000!!

Do SEO for a keyword phrase that only has one million sites listed and again, if you know somewhat how to do SEO, you will be in the top 50 pages within a month!

Obviously, you do need to know what you are doing with basic SEO. Also, a portion of those websites are using other means to get traffic for their business opportunity leads. They might be using social networking, something viral, or whatever but this brings up another point.

If you go and take a look at many of those web sites, you can tell by looking that they do not know what they are doing! If you know what you are looking for internally on a given web site, you can do a right click on their site and view their source code. It will be apparent that it is all wrong.

Why would I bring up this number thing?

It makes you pause and think about what all could be wrong with network marketing…that so many people get involved with it only to lose time and money. Maybe those that “do” understand how to market are doing a disservice to others by bringing them in. Getting business opportunity leads and following up with them is one thing, doing all we can to help them succeed is another!

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