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Jul 19 2008

Business Opportunity Leads, News Alert! Lead Selling Scammers Running Amok!

Oh my gosh! I totally believe in SEO (search engine optimization) to drive business opportunity leads to my web site. I might have a change of heart though! Lead selling scammers were out in full force the last several days and it looks like I can have close to 800,000 leads for less than $60.00 dollars! Whoo Hoo!!

Should I forego my SEO and do the switch? I do not think so. Why should I stick with my SEO?

I usually do not get too many emails about free leads from those very generous lead selling scammer
companies through my email filters. For some reason though, I have had nine make it to my inbox the last few days. One was going to give me 50,000 business opportunity leads for free! I wonder what the catch would have been if I had looked into that at all! The 50,000 free business opportunity leads were the bait. No doubt they have some sneaky little scheme to part someone from their hard earned money if they were to respond to that email!

That is all those lead selling scammer companies are…bait and catch of unsuspecting people who might be new or a little desperate (like I was at one time), or they are just maybe a little naive!

You know what? People like these lead selling scammers are in all walks and phases of society and have always been! It is a downright shame people have to deal with liars, crooks, thieves, and cheats and be careful with just about anything involving money.

If you are new to network marketing or have been around for awhile but are looking at purchasing leads…Do Not Do It!

There are various ways of creating your very own business opportunity leads. I preach (SEO) search engine optimization because it is free and if you do the work and get listed on the top pages, you will reign in high level type leads generated from your own keyword phrase specific to your niche!

It does not get any better than that!

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