Oct 20 2008

Home Based Business Opportunity

There are many ways to make money online. The one that most people associate with this is usually by getting involved in a home based business opportunity. In the beginning most of your MLM (multi level marketing) type businesses were created before the internet was a part of our lives.

I am sure that if you are reading this, you have been approached not just once but many times about signing up into some kind of business opportunity which preaches residual income and financial success by building “organizations”. These organizations would have you call friends and family with the goal that you could sign up three and then those that you brought in would each sign up three…so on and so on! Each level of your organization would pay out to you a percentage of the profits.

Many people got involved with these kinds of opportunities but they typically just do not work. There are exceptions but those people worked hard to get to where they were. To make them work, everyone involved would have to sign up three or more people. You typically are given a sales script to use to help sign up the “prospect” you are talking to. The thing is though, who really wants to do that! Most people I know attended four years of college to learn sales and marketing!

As I said, there are many ways on the internet to make money online but because of the MLM phenomenom, we usually think MLM first.

Now..What Is The Best Way To Make Money Online?

I believe for most people it is MLM! There is twist here though. Now instead of approaching just friends and family and trying to talk them into getting into your business, you have millions of potential clients and affiliates by using the internet.

Instead of calling and talking to people, you can use what is called SEO (search engine optimization). This is where you obtain a web site or create your own. Based on keywords which are the words that a particular person would type into Googles’ search box, you try to get your web site to the first page of what your potential customer is looking for.

In this way, people are searching for “what you have”! If they come to your web site, you know there is a good chance they are interested in what you have got. It sure beats trying to talk your cousin Dave into buying vitamins from you, does it not!

There is a learning curve involved with doing this but if a person applies themselves, getting and having a home based business opportunity using the internet to make money online is the cheapest and most successful way of creating a healthy income for you and your family.

Jim Eberle


Skype ID: JDE515

Its Good Business!

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