Apr 08 2008

Business Opportunity Leads Generated, What Now

What Happens To Those Business Opportunity Leads After They Have Signed Up – Breaking This Down! by Jim Eberle

I was talking to some friends of mine recently who are both involved in the same nutritional company. They’ve been involved for at least three years. I actually signed up under them when they started! I didn’t have a clue when I got involved. I know that instead of using the internet to get business opportunity leads, they were pushing this through friends and family. Because all of their business opportunity leads were through word of mouth, their business has become stale. When I was talking to them, I found out that they were making between $300 to $500 dollars a month…not too bad…but that is after at least three years plus!

When I started explaining to them how to use the internet to grow their business opportunity, I could tell they weren’t getting it. I started thinking about the number of people involved with home businesses and I really do

believe there is a very large people who “Aren’t” using the internet and those who are, after my recent experiences over the last year and a half, don’t know what they’re doing. This is even after they have been trying to market for business opportunity leads much longer than me!

I’m going to attempt to break down in numbers why people aren’t making a good income with their business opportunities or who ARE making money.

First of all, they (who “they” is I don’t know – you just hear that alot) say only 5% of these people are making money with their opportunity. Let’s take the number 100% and break it down. Here is what I believe!

1% – This first percentage of people are the big dogs. They are the ones who “get it” and either through self-perseverance or a great idea, are living the life of their dreams – at least monetarily. This also includes top leadership in MLM companies.

2% – These are the people who also “get it”. They aren’t multimillionaires but have a good healthy income being derived from the internet.

7% – These are people who I think do “get it” and they are making a very good part time income.

Here is where it starts getting ugly!

5% – These are the people making that part time income of $300 to $500 dollars a month. They might not be making that because they are also having to purchase product to maintain that monthly income.

Okay! That makes up 15% and I’m probably being kind – I don’t know.

75% – That is a good number. But not here though! These people have been trying to market on the internet to get leads for their business opportunity and it’s actually taking away from their checking account.

10% – People trying to do this from home are bugging friends and family. To get business opportunity leads, this is all they can go on other than paying for leads. Then they have to make the cold calls as well. Most of these people are doomed to failure and again, probably have more out of pocket costs than trying to use the internet…who knows.

These numbers are just guesses but might not be all that far off!

What can be done to fix this? I don’t know! I can think of many reasons for failure. Maybe it starts with each individual that gets that business opportunity lead. Is that lead a number or a name!

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Jim Eberle is an independant marketer who does affiliate marketing as well as uses the Veretekk marketing system to generate leads for his own personal business opportunities. He is also affiliated with http://www.businessopportunitycoop.com in which, as a team of likeminded network marketers, are combining their efforts to obtain high positions in the search engines for high level keyword phrases. Membership is free!

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