Apr 19 2008

Business Opportunity Leads – Why Use That Keyword Phrase To Get Your Leads?

So, you are at that point where you are brainstorming and formatting a plan to get your business opportunity leads through SEO. You are at that point where you are deciding which keywords and keyword phrases to go after. Remember, generating leads for your business opportunity depend on this step! Hopefully while you are doing this, you are looking at the same time what your domain name is going to be as you want two or more of your keywords (at the very least, one) to be part of it as well. What is it that many people miss when they are selecting their keywords? Following is the answer.

Sometimes picking and choosing a keyword phrase will breach into “other” keyword phrases. Actually, this is what you are wanting to do as well. Decide what keywords you would like to go for that have the flexibility to mix and match other keyword phrases at a later time! I’m hoping I can explain this…maybe by example.

By example, say that you are going for “work at home scams”. If you do a search in Google, you will find 815,000 sites listed for that search term. This is the amount of web sites figuratively for that phrase and it can be found in the top bar on the right hand side of your page. That search term would be easy to take normally by just doing a few things here and there with content because remember this…..most people DO NOT know what they are doing. When I first started learning about all of this, a friend of mine went after a keyword phrase he was wanting to get his leads from. A search in Google showed 1.5 million sites listed. I thought he was crazy for trying. He created a video and two articles to move all the way to the top 3-4 pages! He knew what he was doing and that keyword phrase was an extension of the keywords he was going for originally.

Now, look at “work at home scam”. It might be obtainable but let me point out to you what you “really” might be competing with. If you do a search for “work at home”, you will find 415 million sites. It is a phrase that a very large amount of people are using to search with at home. He who wins this has an enormous amount of business opportunity leads every day! Many people would love to be on the front page of a search engine for this one!

I want to point out two things. My first point is this. With the enormous amount of people going for this particular keyword phrase, I can guarantee the people on the first 3-4 pages know exactly what they are doing. Besides that, their web site has probably “aged” (been around and listed for quite some time). Because they know what they are doing, they more than likely have a foot in the door for other keywords phrases such as “work at home scams”.

My second point is this. No matter what phrase you are going for, if you know what you are doing, you are going to easily pass up many of those sites listed. But, being on the 3rd or 4th page isn’t enough. You have to “Win” this game and be on the 1st page if you want those business opportunity leads. Pay careful attention to what the sites are doing on the first couple of pages. Page three might be obtainable but getting higher than that could be very tough indeed. The point is, this is where your competition is!

A good place to be and learn is at http://businessopportunitycoop.com/

Jim Eberle is an independant marketer who does affiliate marketing as well as uses the Veretekk marketing system to generate leads for his own personal business opportunities. He is also affiliated with http://www.businessopportunitycoop.com in which, as a team of likeminded network marketers, are combining their efforts to obtain high positions in the search engines for high level keyword phrases. Membership is free and a great place to be whether you are new or experienced in network marketing. Leads are distributed through a rotory group into a downline builder. People who join can get free links and obtain leads while they learn at their own pace. The goal is for many people doing a little instead of several people doing a lot for search engine optimization in obtaining high level keyword phrases.

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