Apr 30 2008

Business Opportunity Leads

Stop Wasting All Your Money On Business Opportunity Leads
By Joe LoBalsamo

Stop Wasting All Your Money On Business Opportunity Leads! One of the biggest reasons that network marketing has a failure rate of 95% is because many leaders are being told to buy business opportunity leads that are to generic in nature and not really targeted for network marketing. What’s happening all over the industry is network marketers are buying these leads and spending themselves right out of their business.

Their not targeted enough for you to build a successful network marketing business. When you buy generic business opportunity leads you will continue to spend all your money because you are not getting a return on investment. When network marketers run out of money, then they will run out of leads and many will quit their network marketing opportunity. But what if you put yourself in a position to generate your own super-hot prospects that will pay for themselves. I called this self funded leads! This will allow you to build an advertising budget that you can use to advertise and generate your own prospects endlessly.

Another great benefit is you will build a relationship with these prospects and many of them will join you in you primary program. Teach the people that join you how to generate their own self funded leads and advertising budget. This will keep people in your business a lot longer and your downline will grow big time. Buying home business opportunity leads are not what you should waste your money on. Learn how to do your own marketing and generate your own list of prospects. Never outsource your lead generation to someone else. You never really know were and how your leads are being generated. Many top income earners in network marketing build their business this way and now you can to.

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