Mar 08 2008

What Really are Business Opportunity Leads

When doing a search on Google for business opportunity leads the main results will usually always start with companies that sell the business opportunity leads, normally the results are not for learning how to generate your own business opportunity leads. The reason for this is that the companies selling the leads have an advantage of having resources such as income derived from selling the leads in the first place. It in no way means that purchasing leads from these companies will in anyway help you with your business because the leads are never going to recognize your name, the leads (for the most part) will never see your email you send to them and by the time you get around to calling them they will be overworked by other people purchasing the same leads.

Companies selling business opportunity leads almost always (there are a few exceptions) sell the leads to multiple people, and even if you find a company that says it only sells the business opportunity leads to one other person besides yourself, the question to ask is where did they get the lead in the first place.

Most often the company you approach is just a middleman that purchased the lead from somewhere else, the main supplier which sells the business opportunity leads to several of these middlemen, thus by the time you get around to calling or email the lead, not only are they cold, sometimes they can be outright hostile.

We suggest if you absolutely have to purchase leads to get your business opportunity off the ground you do your due diligence and try to find the originator of the business opportunity leads and purchase from there, not only are you going to get fresher leads but you will also have the ability to call the leads before they get distributed to all of the middlemen.

It is far better to learn how to generate your own business opportunity leads, and it is not as difficult as you think. There are several systems on the internet that give training on how to do this, normally to produce a business opportunity lead you just need to give away something that the person is willing to submit their private information in order to get. An ebook or other software to help them with their business, will produce a better business opportunity lead than one produced by a company offering a free best buy gift card. 

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