Feb 11 2008

How to Generate Business Opportunity Leads

Fact is, If you purchase business opportunity leads you are throwing away your money. The business opportunity leads sold be so called lead generation companies are usually sold and resold. That is the only way these companies make such a profits. Usually the company will tell you the business opportunity leads are fresh, however if you have purchased any of these, then you will have to agree that the business opportunity leads are crap.

That is why there is so much information about generating your own business opportunity leads or in doing funded proposals. Fact is, I do the former myself. however mostly what I do is to use Search Engine Marketing to bring leads straight to my business opportunity site.

Several members of some internet marketing companies have joined forces to use the search engines to generate our business opportunity leads and share in the results using an advanced url rotator to a downline builder. Now I must admit that using the search engines to market is by far the absolute best way to get targeted members the business opportunity, it is not the easiest since search engines have advanced algorithms and getting page 1 results take a little time. By going for some primary keywords, especially from keyword phrases that hame over 400,000 searches a month, it is assured to drive some major traffic to the business opportunity site.

I saw a post about doing doing funded proposals that I will link to since I do not do them myself.

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