Apr 04 2008

Business Opportunity Leads

Business Opportunity Leads

 Searching google for business opportunity leads you are going to have to come to the realization that the lead jockeys have cornered the market and are selling worthless leads.  We will take one example and I will run through the process and show you how the process is flawed.

When searching Google for Ameriplan leads you will come up with several results and if you take the time to actually research the you will find out that they are just middle men, there are very few lead brokers that actually produce the leads.  OK for instance the search for Ameriplan leads, got the several pages of results maybe you click the first one, maybe you go down to their fourth page it doesn’t matter, you will start to notice that the sites look similar, well in fact they are similar, because that website owner simply became an affiliate of the actual business opportunity lead broker, first flaw.  If you continue and actually research the websites you’ll find similar testimonials kind of like the names and faces a changed but the same information, totally made up, not correct.  Similar to a lot of of affiliate program scams out there.

Second flaw, I am supposed to believe that the only company interviewed some leads in order to produce a highly responsive, surveyed, interested prospects for my business opportunity.  The website tells me that the company interviews 25 prospects in order to come up with a single qualified business opportunity lead for me. So I guess I am supposed to believe that someone actually calls 25 prospects on average to produce one qualified business opportunity lead and then is going to sell it to me for $3.00, funny, where to these people are actually call in the leads actually live, it must most definitely be somewhere with a very low cost of living.

Do not get me wrong,

You Need Business Opportunity Leads

Business Opportunity Leads are an element that every online marketer attempting to make money from home, needs to be concerned with.  Finding an excellent source of leads is like uncovering a gold mind on Google.  The fact of the matter is that most people tend to buy leads.  The ROI investment on leads is less than desirable, so this leads the marketer to find other ways to build a signficant business on the net.  This usually leads to frustration to a large degree.
Learning about leads and lead generating systems can be the needed key to unlocking the mystery of the net.  People tend to think of the internet as some magical and mystical entity, while in all actuality, generating leads is really not that difficult once you become educated in the process.  As in life, the internet has specific ways that need to be approached to make it more effective for web entrepreneurs.
In this short article, you will probably learn more about actual ways to build a significant business online than you have ever known before.  Once you begin to get your head around and study all about leads, you then begin to understand the entire process that you need to be aware of in the field of working from home in the right way.
Sales and sales leads are not particularly hard to make, once you have the best product at the best price, and also, that you have something that everyone on the planet needs.  Once you find this type of business, you will be set on an incredible journey on the search engines of Google, Yahoo, MSN, WindowsLive, Ask.com and all the other major search engines.  If you are involved in any mlm business, then you certainly need free mlm leads to build that business.  Multi level marketing is a great experience once you begin to understand the art and science of successfully promoting online.

What if There Was a Better Way Than Calling Leads
Come and listen to the most innovative and income producing system known on Google today. All that you really have to do to build a significant business is to write a check every month. These customers that you are buying are already buying, and loving, the product. The result? You make money from their purchases. In other words, the more customers that you buy, the more money that you make.

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