Jun 11 2008

Business Opportunity Leads…How Should You Phrase Your Titles For Lead Generation?

Whether you are writing articles, posting blogs, creating press releases, email, or whatever to gather business opportunity leads…What are you putting into your title? There are three schools of thought on this. One is that you might be using your content for SEO (Search engine optimization). The other is that your content is genuine and offers something to the reader that they might find interesting or valuable. This by itself is very important for name recognition and if done right, you will be known as an authority in your particular area of expertise. The third (which I do not believe in) is making sales letters. However, I am not going to get into that in this article.

Before I begin, know that this is so very important! this is the first thing Google looks at for SEO and the title is the first thing that your viewers look at. They are going to either look or pass that article by…and all within a few seconds.

Just what should be in your title?

You want it all! You want that name recognition because what many people do not understand, most people sign up or buy into a business because of YOU! It has nothing to do with the business. SEO is very important as well. Do you know that at least 85% of all people who access a web site on a daily basis, do so because they were looking for something using keyword phrases in a search engine like Google! That is a big number!!

Here is what you should do. I always put my keywords into the very first part of my title. Maybe it looks dumb, I do not know and I do not care! It works! That is what Google likes! With the rest of the title, you should try and find some way to include one or more of those keywords if you can. Know that there are words that Google calls “stop words” which they always pass over. These are basic words like “an”, the”, “a”,…you get the picture. They are your very common filler type words. By knowing this though, you can maybe have keywords seperated by stop words and come up with a good title and a variation of your keyword phrase! Obviously for emails, you would not need to include keywords.

Use start words like who, what , when, where, or why! People respond to these because they consciously know they are going to be shown something or presented with something new. You can use what are called “magic” words. These are words that subconsciously almost force someone to open your email, post, or article. I could give you a list of the best of these words but in all fairness, I seldom use them. You can however, find them in any newspaper, magazine, or any other medium on a daily basis. You are bombarded with them all of the time. Just keep your mind open to what attracts you! You will soon have your list of magic words that you can use. Hint: The above word “magic” or “magically” is one of them!

I am not an expert by any means but I do know that most of my articles go within the top five to ten pages of the search term I am focused on. That is by using titles like the one above! If I can do it, I know for sure you can as well!

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