Jul 17 2008

Business Opportunity Leads…How Should You Design Your Web Site For SEO?

If you are doing SEO (Search engine optimization) to drive business opportunity leads to your web site… just what exactly should you do to optimize it to get better rankings?

Is nothing an answer?

Well, yes it is! I really should not say nothing! If you want to be successful in getting to the top of the search engines (or should I just say Google), all you really need to do is concentrate on marketing and designing your web site as if search engines do not exist!

Well yes, you do need to be keyword smart and aware of how SEO works because you are trying to drive business opportunity leads to your web site. But really, if you have concentrated on what keyword phrases in your niche that people would use to find your site, you for the most part just want to concentrate on your content… “Content is King”!

One point I want to make is that if you design and market your web site thinking only about your visitors, you are actually doing the best thing you can do for SEO!

You should design your site to be somewhat rich in the keyword phrases you are pursuing.

You do want to stay away from using flash and Javascript too much as they cannot be crawled by search engines!

You do want to make your site a pleasing experience to whomever lands there and have good functionality to get around it. People do not want to try and figure out what to click on to get from one place to another or they will leave!

SEO is one thing but marketing is another. If my web site is at the top of the search engines for a keyword phrase that you searched for, you then click my link and land on my site…If you are not attracted to my site, you will leave!! What good did it do for me to use SEO and drive traffic to my business opportunity if you are all leaving! They say it takes seven seconds for a person to make up their mind whether or not they like a web site! The design and functionality of your web site is very important!

The point I want to make, is that Google is not your enemy! They are in the business of search engine advertising. They have one hundred or so algorithms to determine what sites should be ranked higher than others. If you are active and providing good original content and are very patient, you will succeed!

If you are starting your SEO journey, know that it takes time. Getting a brand new web site up to the top for certain keyword phrases can take “quite” a bit of time. There are algorithms in place to ensure that!

When it comes down to marketing, there are many things you can do. I do believe however that if the design of your web site attracts visitors and you are active doing things all of the time with your content, you will do fine!

Do not be tricky with your SEO… concentrate on your design and marketing for your “visitors”! Everything else will be there! Converting business opportunity leads to customers is what this is all about!

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