Mar 19 2008

How to Generate Leads for MLM or Any Business Opportunity

The MLM lead generation process by colinm

If you go to an MLM lead generation company you basically are paying them both for the work they do to get the lead as well as paying for the lead. There are several drawback I believe when it comes to buying leads from an MLM lead generation company. The main drawbacks would be that you never really know how that lead is generated, or how many people that lead was actually sold to. Then you also have the risk of never really knowing how old that lead really is, unless you are buying real time and redirected leads, which usually end up very expensive.

Generating your own MLM lead is what I believe to be the best and most profitable option. Generating your own MLM or home business opportunity leads is much easier that you would think. When you generate your own MLM leads you will have more control over the quality of leads you generate for your business. This is because you can choose the Ad people will see and respond to, you can choose the quality and type of traffic you want, and how much you want to spend on the advertising.

Here are a few key components you need to have in order to generate your own MLM or home business opportunity leads.

1. You need a targeted Ad. This is an Ad that will convert interested people into business opportunity leads for your business.

2. You need a targeted audience to get in front of that would be your potential customers or business partners. In other words you need people who will see your Ad and then respond by giving you their information and then becoming a lead for your business. This is either done by offline methods or online methods. Offline methods may include newspapers, magazines, voice broadcasting, post cards, or even drop cards. Online methods may include ezine advertising, online classifieds, articles, pay per click search engines, email broadcasting, and search engine optimization.

3. You need to have a way of converting that interested person into a lead once you place your targeted Ad in front of a targeted audience. This is done either by using a 800# voice mail box or an online lead capture page.

Once you have these three components in place you can then generate your own MLM or home business opportunity lead and never have to rely on an MLM lead generation company again. Now each one of these components can be discussed in greater detail, but this is just the basics of MLM lead generation.

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