May 12 2008

Business Opportunity Leads – A Good Strategy To Use To Build Your Business!

To begin with, I’ve been around long enough to know that one of the big reasons most people fail in their attempts to start a business opportunity working from home is that: “they have no plan”. How do I really know this for sure? I have been there and done that! Because of my bad experiences, I want to explain what you can (I mean “have”) to do if you want long term residual success. First off, most people will not do this because they (deep down) do not want to put in the effort. You know if I’m talking about you or not right now if you are reading this!

I floundered around with stabs at different internet businesses but I did not start learning and applying until I had to….I mean “really” had to! A bit of wisdom: Do NOT wait until you blow a valve off your heart like I did to wake you up! I spent 23 years as an engineer at a major internet company and it all means “squat”. This happened to me in my mid 40’s and a life on permanent disability is not for me! That is why I am talking about this strategy. It for the most part is “what you have to have” to ensure success.

Okay. First of all, I would browse the internet and look for a good business opportunity that interests you. When you have narrowed it down to two or three of these, browse the internet and do a search on the internet of that companies name. Associate the companies name with the word “scam” as part of the keyword phrase you are searching on. By doing this, you will pick up on “everything” good or bad that has been said about that business. If that business has flaws……It will come out!

Once you have completed thorough research and you have decided upon your particular business
opportunity, do another search on the internet under the companies name. Follow this up by searching under keyword phrases that you might use normally associated with the “product”¬† that company sells. Browse through the first couple of pages and see who is on the front pages for those search terms you came up with.

I am talking about going into this as if you know nothing about that business. What keywords would you type into the search bar if you are looking for more information about that particular product?

It is at this time that when you look at your search results, if you find people already in this business and that are listed on one of the top pages of the search engines for the keyword phrases you used….these are the people you need to get affiliated with. Why? They know what they are doing for SEO (Search engine optimization)! These are people who are successful or will soon be successful and know what they are doing. These are the kind of people who will guide you along and mentor you. Call and talk to them first though and establish communications before you make your final decision and get involved.

 There are two steps in having a good plan. The first one is:

1.) Get involved with someone who already is successful and willing to mentor you. I just showed you how you can find this person or group.

2.) Once involved, duplicate their success. That means mentoring that business opportunity lead that signed up under you!

In order for your business opportunity to survive…You have to teach others under you (that are willing to put forth effort in order to learn) to do what you have been taught to do. If step one works and step two is not implemented, you will fail. If step two “is” implemented, you (and your organization) will be highly successful!

It is really just as simple as that!

Like I said though, if you join a business and do NOT put forth the effort into mentoring others that sign up under you, your business opportunity will fade away and die! A home or internet business is only successful (just like a brick and mortar type business) if they are built on a good foundation.

A good place to be and learn is at Http://

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